Nu-Way: Your Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Integration Partner

February 9th, 2019

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging demand; across the globe, is set to explode in the coming years

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New infrastructure must be set up along with additional capacity from the electric grid in order to support these new EV demands; as countries seek to reduce carbon emissions caused by fossil fuels.  If you are an organization that engineers and/or manufacturers EV charging solutions – do you have the right enclosure fabrication partner in your supply chain to help meet this increased infrastructure demand ?  If not – Nu-Way Industries is that partner!

Nu-Way Industries has over 50+ years of sheet metal experience and has been fabricating indoor & outdoor enclosures for power distribution and telecom markets for the last 30+ years.  We have engineers that can assist your organization in designing housings around your EV charging modules and supporting devices.  We fabricate those enclosures in-house at our Des Plaines, IL fabrication facility and can integrate the electro-mechanical devices within the enclosures as well.  Nu-Way also has digital display partners that can support your changing kiosks.

Don’t wait! Contact a Nu-Way sales team associate today for your EV charging infrastructure needs. (link to contact form)

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